Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Unfortunately the Beeb has decided against commissioning a series of Pulse, the blood strewn horror pilot that aired on BBC3.

BBC 3 controllor Danny Cohen in Edinburgh commented: "The decision about which series to commission was not determined solely by audience numbers. BBC3 looks hard at Appreciation Index responses, how good they thought a series might be. Pulse got an okay AI. There's a range of reasons. It's about which one you think creatively - instinctively - has the most mileage."

Shame really as horror doesn't really get much showing and another genre show on telly suits me fine.

Also bad luck for writer Paul Cornell, Who writer and on a current exclusive contract with DC Comics, who was very pleased with the ratings for the pilot - and with around 300,00 for each showing who can blame him.

Actually with those sort of ratings, I wonder why the Beeb ditched this - after all Being Human got 430,000 for its pilot?

HT: The Bish

Update: Although one genre series hasn't made it, apparently Touch has -

The series will be written by Jack Thorne, whose past work includes Skins and Channel 4 mockumentary Cast Offs. It will follow Paul, an awkward young man who can interact with ghosts and soon uncovers a war between the living and the dead and the programme will begin filming next year.

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