Thursday, 30 June 2011


I have come to the opinion that Hari must be a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.

I have taken a screen shot of their code of conduct, which appears to be very liberal in its views and has just the flexibility that Hari needs.


The EU has proposed that its budget rise by 5% for 2014 to 2020.

I’m sorry, what? Really, everyone else is attempting to get their houses into order, this bloated bureaucracy want to spend even more money? The very same people that are strangulating Greece?

It gets worse. The EU is also proposing that a Tobin-tax on financial transactions. Oh well done. No, honestly that is a masterpiece of idiocy. Just when we are trying to get back on the road to recovery, along comes some socialist thinking to kneecap us.

Seriously, Tobin taxes can only work when spread right across the board. It cannot work on a territory basis. Why the hell would any trader use the City or Frankfurt if they are going to get taxed. Sure, the amount may be miniscule per trade but it could soon add up and financial institutions will probably head to a more favourable climate. Fantastic thinking there EU.

Thirdly, and oh what joy this is, the EU is considering a European value-added tax set at a maximum of 2%.

A direct tax? Marvellous. Could someone please enlighten me as to where I voted for a direct tax from this bloated beast?

And lastly, and probably more sinister, instead of rebates, UK, Germany, Sweden and Netherlands should receive annual lump-sum payments.

Hmm, I wonder how much more money we will lose to Europe if this goes through?

Why are we putting up with this? It is a nonsense. This undemocratic institution has veered so far from the original concept of a free-trade area that the likes of my Dad voted for that it is now time for a serious debate about our role and future in the EU.


So the great unwashed of the public sector are striking for their pension rights among other things.

For your delectation, here is a handy etiquette guide courtesy of the Daily Mash for whence you may happen to come upon the masses:

A guide to strike etiquette30-06-11
AS the country's public servants once again challenge Britain to notice the difference, experts have issued an essential guide to national strike etiquette.

Do try not to spray tea directly into their face Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: "Too many people in Britain have forgotten the importance of good manners during an angry strike. This simple guide should ensure that the strikers' absurd demands are politely ignored without it descending into a foul-mouthed brouhaha."

National strike dos and don'ts:

When crossing a picket line do so with poise and grace. Imagine one is trying to balance a badly educated child on one's head.

However, it is important to remember you are now in the striker's place of entitlement. The striker is your host and you should treat them with respect. Do not put your feet up on the seats they put their feet up on.

If one finds oneself eating lunch in the same restaurant as a striker, always use a dessert fork to stab them in the face when when they start helping themselves to a third of your soup.

Never be arrogant or condescending - particularly when pointing out the horrendous spelling mistakes on a teacher's placard.

Listen patiently and politely to the striker as he or she explains loudly why their pension needs to be better than yours, before smiling and saying 'thank you so much, that was very entertaining'. You should then offer them a sweet - perhaps a Rolo or a Chewitt.

Do not burp, spit or pick your nose at them.

A man should always open a door for a lady striker, even though she will find it violently sexist.

If the striker continues to insist that you should pay for his pension and that he should retire five years earlier than you, always say 'pardon me?' rather than 'huh?', 'come again?' or 'what in the name of shitting fuck are you talking about you delusional, self-serving piss-bucket?'.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Sometime's fate is just too giving.

I am amused to read that Labour constituencies were the most hit by the ridiculous smoking ban in pubs. In research, seven (not nine Guido) of the top ten constituencies with the most closures since the ban have been Labour-held.

I wonder if the voters actually realise?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


So doyen of the left Hari is accused of plagiarism.

It was interesting to note other journalists commenting on various blogs about this, let alone Hari's ridiculous defence of his actions.

I'm sorry Hari but what you have done is plagiarism.

It is not a simple matter of clearing up quotes that you received through actually talking to your interviewee nor is it a matter of showing your readers what an interviewee's thought process is.

What you have done is pass off someone else's interview as your own. You did not reference the previous interviews nor did you make it clear that comments were not given in your actual interview.

Jeez, our profession comes under attack as it is (some justified, others not so). Where do you get off trying to claim the higher ground when you behave like that?

The organisers of the Orwell prize are apparently re-examining Hari's award...good



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Monday, 27 June 2011


Here we go…

Hmm, think my kid's getting there:

A cute tribute to Rocketeer on the 20th anniversary of the film and, of course, the late lamented Dave Stevens:

The Rocketeer 20th anniversary from John Banana on Vimeo.


Even Empires have defence cutbacks:

You see, this is what you get if you never watch the original trilogy:

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

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So Neil Gaiman talks a bit more about the American Gods series..

Doesn't Neil's accent veer, you trans-atlantican you

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Sunday, 26 June 2011


OK this looks really good.

I am a great fan of Green Lantern but something just didn't sit right with the trailer, can't quite put my finger on it…but this, this certainly ticks the boxes

Friday, 24 June 2011


An absolute genius of an artist died yesterday.

RIP Gene, September 1, 1926 – June 23, 2011

pic: Inside pulse


Happy Birthday you blue things who fight evil humans who want to take over your village and way of life

Ah, hang on…

that's better

And here's something guaranteed to stick in your head and annoy you for hours, enjoy

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Are all these anniversaries coming out just to make me feel old?

Sonic the Hedgehog is 20 years old...



Kid plays Cantina Band on harp

I'm F(&*^%^&( James Bond...

Geek joke

Who watches the Empire

Starry Starry Sauron

What does Admiral Ackbar say?

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Sunday, 19 June 2011


You have a top programme such as Doctor Who

It makes you millions of pounds

It breaks records for iplayer, top rating on BBC America, top download on iTunes, is the mainstay of Saturday scheduling...

Then the rumours start about budget and actors...

Will it get a full series in 2012?

And then what does the beeb do?

Spends £22m on the rights to some US talent show


And it complains about cuts?

Friday, 17 June 2011


On a more reasonable note of racial harmony and how it should work, The Specials' Ghost Town is 30 years old this week.

White, black, didn't matter, they united in a love of British Ska and fusion.

OK, so like most in the 80's, they were left wing but at the time, as they say, the devil always has the best tunes.

Enjoy, and happy 30th Ghost Town!


I am in a state of disbelief over the latest ruling from the courts.

A 13-yr-old boy was told that he couldn't wear a cornrows hairstyle at his school because it contravened uniform rules.
The judge, Mr Justice Collins, sitting in London, ruled that the hair policy was not unlawful in itself, "but if it is applied without any possibility of exception" such as in the case of SG, "then it is unlawful".

Let's read that again: "but if it is applied without any possibility of exception" then it is unlawful".

I'm sorry but have I missed something here - school uniform rules are exactly that, rules.

With certain exceptions on grounds of religion (and I am not talknig about headscarves - pre-pubescent girls should not have to wear them whatever their belief system), uniforms and dress codes are enforced for reasons of discipline, identity and wealth.

Wealth? Well if everyone is wearing the same clothing then a poor kid without the best kicking clothes and shoes does not feel like an outsider.

Secondly, the judge ruled that the school should have taken into account individual pupils' family traditions.

The kid's solicitor told the BBC: "It makes clear that non-religious cultural and family practices associated with a particular race fall within the protection of equalities legislation."

I'm sorry but what? A fashion statement is now cultural practice? In the 70s Afro's were in, 80s, buzzcuts and so on. Where the hell is the cultural practice in cornrows?

Sikhs and Rastafari have specific religious reasons for having long hair, I honestly cannot see where a haircut can be equated with the same?

Also family practices are just that, family practices. They are not indicative of race, they are indicative of a family's way of behaving.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


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I am glad to see that academics have some time on their hands to work this one out:

A group of academics have analysed the traumatic brain injuries in the Asterix comics, identifying 704 head injury victims in the 34 books.

A paper published in the European Journal of Neurosurgery, Acta Neurochirurgica, examines the much-loved books in detail, discovering that of the 704 victims, 698 were male and 63.9% were Roman. One hundred and twenty were Gauls, 59 were bandits or pirates, 20 were Goths, 14 were Normans, eight were Vikings, five were Britons and four were extraterrestrials.

I mean, and...?!?!?
ht: The Guardian

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


OK following on from Superman's pants, the Telegraph has now noticed that Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) is going to walk again in the DC revamp.

Who is the geek at the Telegraph?

BTW I haven't talked about the 52 relaunch because, quite frankly, they've shafted JSA by the looks of it, and the whole thing looks like a mess at the moment - where are we in the timeline? It doesn't seem to look like everyone is starting at the beginning - Essentially it appears that DC is making exactly teh same mistakes they made 26 years ago with Crisis!

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Noah's Ark: The True Story

How to turn to the darkside

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Either I missed that it was an completely slow news day and there is absolutely nothing going on in the world or this editorial from the Telegraph is mind-boggling.

If anyone doubted that Superman had the courage to be the world's greatest hero – and to foil Lex Luthor's sundry evil schemes – such misgivings were instantly dispelled by his choice of costume. For more than 70 years, the fashionistas have pointed out that underwear is more conventionally worn inside the trousers, rather than over them. The Man of Steel not only defied them – he advertised his choice to the world, by sporting Y-fronts in a fetching shade of bright red.
We cannot help feeling rather disappointed, therefore that DC Comics, the character's owners, have decided not just to rebrand the character (doubtless to make him "funkier", "edgier" and "more relevant") but to place the pants on the inside. Indeed, given that the hero still wears a cape, can leap tall buildings, block bullets and generally defy the laws of physics, this gesture towards normality seems token at best.

OK, it's online but Superman's pants? In the Telegraph?


There is something about 30s and 40s graphic that I just love and I don't know if the film is going to be any good but I adore this poster:

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Hell I may as well play along

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Bernard Cribbins was given an OBE in the Queen's birthday honours list.

Not only was he brilliant in Doctor Who but he is essentially part of my childhood, be it Jackanory or the Wombles.

Well done that man!

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Neil Gaiman's photo: Another counting down to Saturday's Doctor Who episode photo. Here I sneak onto the old TARDIS set and look so happy.
Neil Gaiman on WhoSay

I didn't know this
One of the callouts from Doctor Who fans has been why the swimming pool in the Tardis wasn't shown in The Doctor's Wife?

It wasn't budgetary reasons, or stinginess by the producers

Karen Gillan can't swim.

Neil Gaiman:
Making television - and especially making Doctor Who, where you have to imagine a new world (in my case a new universe) with every episode - is always a negotiation between dream and reality. (That was the same email in which I learned that we weren't going to have the scene in the Tardis Swimming Pool because Karen Gillan couldn't swim

Also, about the erasing of Tennant's control room:
Of course it exists. The TARDIS keeps it archived. House deleted it, but I have no doubt that, once they were in a place where that could happen, the TARDIS undeleted it, tidied it up and put it somewhere out of the way, along with the other things she keeps close to her chest.


OK Since I've been slack I have been wondering round the blogs that I follow, catching up on this stormy afternoon and I found this wonderful tribute to Calvin and Hobbes by Tom Fowler on Comic Twart - a bunch of unseemingly talented gits that I ooze jealousy at their skills every time I check them out! ; )

Friday, 3 June 2011



So it beings again.
What is it about the EU technocrats and their mission creep. One step at a time they creep, grabbing bits and pieces subtlely until you wake up with no roof over your head and a bill for the privilege of losing it.

The one area that patently doesn't work in EU-world is fiscal policy. It is for the Northern economies of Germany and Netherlands not the PIGS.

While they scream out for some leeway, the North is concerned about over-heating.

So why on earth should it be a good idea for a finance ministry that can make decisions about a nation's fiscal policy - especially one that isn't even in the Euro?

Please can someone explain how the technos can make these leaps of logic that presumes that all will jump up and down applauding saying Capitol?!?