Tuesday, 28 June 2011


So doyen of the left Hari is accused of plagiarism.

It was interesting to note other journalists commenting on various blogs about this, let alone Hari's ridiculous defence of his actions.

I'm sorry Hari but what you have done is plagiarism.

It is not a simple matter of clearing up quotes that you received through actually talking to your interviewee nor is it a matter of showing your readers what an interviewee's thought process is.

What you have done is pass off someone else's interview as your own. You did not reference the previous interviews nor did you make it clear that comments were not given in your actual interview.

Jeez, our profession comes under attack as it is (some justified, others not so). Where do you get off trying to claim the higher ground when you behave like that?

The organisers of the Orwell prize are apparently re-examining Hari's award...good

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