Sunday, 14 November 2010


Excellent news from Steve Rude. I posted a while ago about him trying to save his house.

He has now posted on Facebook:
Well, it’s nice to know we still have a nice house to live in.

In fact, thanks to this amazing “save the house” fundraiser you contributed to, we were even able to order a few extra art supplies for the Dude. Perhaps the most shocking of all–we may have enough left over to supplement the Sillies Emergency Diaper Fund. Yes, they still have their accidents.

When I saw the bread coming in after Gino made her announcement (this was unbeknownst to the oblivious Dude), I was, and still am, in a mild state of stupefication. The outpouring of generosity was clearly far beyond what Gino and I could’ve asked for. Your contributions poured in from all corners of our planet; the sizeable backstock of comics and Dude related “higher reading paraphernalia” were ordered by the spit-load; and Erik Larson bought his complete Next Nexus 3 issue!

All said, we saved the house.

Perhaps most exciting for the self-minded Dude, Gino has just informed me is that we can now afford to replace my 15 yr-old xerox machine–y’know, the one that broke down and has been gathering dust in my studio for 2 years–with a “refurbished” model. And since this was something that I use every day in every way, it is utterly invaluable to me. Though the Rude Dude experiment is temporarily laid to rest, I march forward with my current gallery-style paintings and the many challenging commissions you fans have requested over the last year, the likes of which one can see on my website and Facebook page. I always like hearing the comments on every newly produced work.

To continue getting back on our feet, the Dude 2011 Commissions Calendar is complete and ready to order, and a new Rude Dude Sketchbook is underway.

In stupefying appreciation,

I remain,

Mr. Humility, the Dude Himself,

I would ht Rich and the bleeders but since he didn't give me that courtesy over the original post, I think nah!

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