Thursday, 16 July 2009

Educating the political classes

Also in the news this week was the continuing war against private schools by the Charity Commission.

There is one thing that was missing from the frothing that went on on phone-ins etc...

Double taxation.

Essentially the parent pays twice for education - the state system through taxation and then fees for the children.

Also it means there is an extra space for another child in the state system.

Througout the frothing one fundamental issue remains - how do you raise the state system to challenge private schools?

Not through gerrymandering of university places (I don't think there should be universal higher education anyway but that's another argument)

Not through penalising those who decide to use their money to boost their children's education - hell if I had the money, whoosh, there would go my child like a shot!

Try things like, erm, competition, elitism, targetting to an individual child's skills whilst ensuring the basics like History (complete History not from 1968), Maths and English for all.

Just a thought

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