Thursday, 23 July 2009


I wasn't going to post about Gary Reinback . It was too close but....

Almost a year ago my brother Jonathan died from alcoholism . I was there as he was taken into intensive care, his bloated yellow body, yellow eyes, my older brother unable to vocalise that his kid bro should leave the ward rather than see him like that.

Let me tell you about Jon. He was a brilliant artist and before injury a brilliant sportsman. When he decided to try rowing both his rugby and cricket coaches complained. Sport was easy for him. He won countless regattas and won four Nat Champs, he also rowed in the Edinburgh Commonwealth Games for the England juniors.

Unfortunately because of an accident he ripped both his knees and his rowing career was over.

He struggled to find a place for himself and eventually he turned to alcohol. He knew he had a problem, he tried to stop himself but it was too late.

I drink, most of my friends drink but alcohol isn't our master, unfortunately for Jon it was.

I'm not glossing over, we had plenty of fights, but my brother got caught by this. Ignore the fact that Gary was young and that he started drinking at 11, ignore that his mother didn't realise what was going on, my family didn't.

My brother was used to going that extra meter in a race but this time it was too far for him. he was meant to be 40 on 9 April this year. he wasn't.


  1. Both cases are sad, very sad. In my life I try not to condemn and, although I am not religious and both drink and smoke, I say to myself 'there but the grace...'.

    I am sorry to hear of your loss.

  2. so sad, what a waste of life and talent