Monday, 12 October 2009


Gordon Brown has announced plans for a £16bn sell-off - just enough to pay August's loan.

Now aside the rights and wrongs of an asset sale, the one thing I noticed is that he wants to sell off the 33% stake in Urenco.

Urenco supplies equipement to enrich uranium for the nuclear industry, y'know the industry that everyone is turning to as fears about oil and gas dependency rises. An industry that will be growing - shadows of the gold sell-off anyone?

Still he's insisted that there will be "no threat to national security".

That's alright then


oh sh...



    If there was no threat to national security, surely Mrs Thatcher would have flogged this off in the 1980`s. Mind you, you wonder why she kept hold of Newport Pagnell Service Station. First the fine French period furniture disappears from the drawing room, then the Canalettos go, and finally the family silver. The Earl of Stockton`s punishment for such a politically incorrect utterance was to have his portrait summarily removed from No.10. And now the one-eyed Scottish butler is clearing out the servant`s quarters. The Port of Belfast anyone ? National Air Traffic Control ( complete with inoperable new computer system ) ? - bit of a U-turn on the privatisation of that one. What am I bid for The Royal Mint ? Any takers for the Tote ? Biggles Sausages ? Blog ? - the gentleman in the grey hair and pipe ...... Sorry my mind is wandering ...... anyway Idiot Brown seems as wedded to the idea of privatisation as Thatcher and Lawson ...... as the great lady once famously remarked - "It`s a funny old World"

  2. he has lost his tiny mind.. it's pathetic