Monday, 5 October 2009


So it's down to the Czechs and the Poles to pull the ordinary EU people out of this tecno-cratic nightmare that is developing in Brussels.

Or we wait to see what Cameron does if Lisbon is full ratified.

The EU is not for the people, it is for the technocrats with Tony Blair at its head. Sod the people, the sheeple, they will do what is told or face the consequences.

Oh and the animals too apparently.

God this is depressing. What on earth did my father's generation sign us up for? You know that Common market thingy, the one that Labour opposed right up till 1987.

That's the other thing that confuses me - where have all the Labour anti's disappeared to? It couldn't just have been Tony Benn surely? Is hatred of the Conservatives so ingrained that they have ditched their principles just to try and stay in power and try and do another Tory split-shit-stir?

With their reputation? ;)

Update: Dan Hannan, needless to say, has plenty on this. I like the Guardian cartoon he notes in the article

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