Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Reading Russell T Davies' The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter at the moment (I know Geek alert) but I was staggered to find out that Geoff Hoon is a Doctor Who fan according to his son, Chris.

After his sterling efforts at Defense I can see the re-written scenes now:


Brigadier: Chap with wings, five rounds


Brigadier: Chap with wings, five rounds I said.

Bentley: Um, love to Brigadier but we've outspent out budget after the last round of cuts, shall we throw bricks at it instead?


Anyway, Hoon also has a sonic screwdriver, now I maybe a geek but I don't have a sonic screwdriver, hell, I bet chief politics Geek-in-General, Tom Harris, hasn't got one! I'll pop over and ask him

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