Monday, 22 February 2010

Fairs fair

“Labour needs to ensure that the election is not seen as a referendum on the Government.”

Labour Briefing note

Erm, so what is it?

YEs I know it is YABR* for Labour but what is an election if not a referendum on a Government and its actions and policies?

It's an old saw but it is there for a reason - "Oppositions don't win elections, governments lose them".

How exactly is Gordo going to persuade voters that the last 13 years haven't happened? The mind boggles.

To quote John Redwood:

1. Why did he tax pension funds, and why are so few private sector funds now open for new members?

2. Why did he sell gold at the bottom of the market?

3. Why did he get so little improved service for all the billions he gave to public services in the last ten years?

4. Why did he allow such a huge build up of public debt before the Crunch?

5. Why did he approve the Basel bank regulations and the decisions of his new Regulator, which encouraged banks to overextend their balance sheets?

6. Why has he presided over a higher rate of inflation than target on average? Why did he change the inflation target to CPI from the commonly used RPI?

7. Why did he put so much money at risk in state supported banks, when there were cheaper options available to get us through the crisis?

8. Why has he allowed large banking bonuses to be paid by state subsidised banks?

9. Why has the balance of payments been so weak on his watch?

10. Why has manufacturing output fallen under Labour? Why has the UK economy grown so little since 1997?

11. Why did the UK economy stay in recession for longer than other major economies , and why is it so far making such a weak recovery, if all the actions the PM took were right?

I know Brown hates to answer any question truthfully, if at all, but these are teh quesstions that I would love for him to answer, let alone the few thousand more such as ID cards, Europe, Iraq/Iran, etc...

*Yet Another Bloody Relaunch

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