Saturday, 10 April 2010


I know I haven't written much about the election but I think I know why

I love politics, I have a degree in politics, but this election has just left me flat. which is odd.

One of the most venal, corrupt and incompetant governments in UK history is at the final furlong - I should be jumping up and down in joy at the chance that it maybe removed, finally.

But, but, I'm disinterested - nothing's sparking for me.

Is it that the troughers have affected my appetite, I don't think so.

The campaign has been on for a week and with the government coming out with blatent rubbish and the Tories not finding that core message, the whole thing (attm) is leaving me, well, a bit meh.

And if I'm thinking like that, what on earth is the ordinary "man-on-the-street" thinking right now?

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