Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Expect the teachers' unions to go ape this morning after the Tories launch their manifesto.

I know it is traditionally left-wing but the attitudes of some teachers beggar belief. They are meant to be there to educate children, not indoctrinate children to fit with their own world-view.

Also, why, when standards have fallen, has no-one looked at the actual teachers involved?

It cannot just be the system at fault. My kid goes to an excellent school and although extremely bright, she was behind on her reading. A combination of being the youngest in her class and a fear of failure (she's a perfectionist, must get it from her grandparents!) contributed to this.

So her school gave her extra tuition and now you can't move in our place without falling over a pile of books that she carts around the flat!

So if one set of teachers can do this, surely it is reasonable to assume that in bad cases, there are teachers that are failing in their primary duty - isn't it?

On a lighter note - how kids in America were wished a happy holiday by their Maths teacher

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