Thursday, 23 September 2010


I should get a job on the EU gravy train if these figures from Ellwood & Atfield are anything to go by:


Gross monthly: €7,665.31
Net monthly €5,963.33
Net annual: €71,559.96
Staffing: €17,540/month
General expenditure: €4,202/month
Additional Subsistence: €298/day attandence at official meetings
Subsistence for external office meetings: €149/day

Comb pay (including annual travel allowance) est; €126,131.96pa

Commission and Council
26,000 employed by European Commission. 3,500 permanent posts in the Council
President: €24,874/month
Vice President: €22,531/month
High Representative: €23,432/month
Commissioner: €20,278/month
Residence allowance: 15% of salary

Civil Service
Highest grade: €16,600pm - €18,025pm
Lowest admin: €4,267 - €4,828pm
Unit head/managament: €10,129 - €11,461pm
Allowances: Varied: Expat - 16% of sallary, household & cild allowance if working outside their home country
Pension 8.25% of basic

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