Monday, 27 September 2010


Vanilla - default option. When you can't decide what you want, you default to that which is comfortable.

And the same with Labour.

Back to the left, bye bye Blairism.

One winner is Ed Balls who has finally defeated Mili-Senior and will be looking for a higher profile in the next few days.

The Unions will be pleased as punch that they swung it.

And of course Mili-Junior.

However, the weird thing is...I was in the bank today and it had Mili-Senior giving a speech on the conference platform.

Because the sound was off, I couldn't hear what was being said so had to look at the body language alone.

Mili-senior strode about the platform as if he had won.

Mili-junior sat there with bambi eyes, staring at the headlights, frozen with one thought in his head: "Oh shi...."

UPDATE: Actually thinking about it - the post title refers to Milli Vanilli, the band that was done for mouthing other singers' voices. Quite an appropriate metaphor come to think about it.

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