Wednesday, 10 August 2011

52 DCs

DC has been over in London to explain the mechanisms of the new DC universe.
Now I am not convinced by the whole idea of this. The system looks far to messed uo with some continuities (eg Green Lantern) keeping going while others such as Superman debuting as the first superhero. It strikes me as the same mash that happened after Crisis where everything was all over the place.

In addition there is some confusion over the status of my favourite team, the Justice Society of America. I have been following them since a team-up with the JLA and the occasional All-Star comic that reached these shores in the days before comic shops. If supes was the first then how does the moored new JSA come into play? Perhaps they will follow Smallville's way and that people have just forgotten about the mystery men of WW2? I dunno but this launch fills me with unease. Will I check some of them out? Of course I will.

Still there is some good news- according to the bleeders report on the UK trade show, Bob Wayne commented:"Vertigo will continue as normal and there are new series in development, a batch of them will be debuting in 2012. Wayne pointed out that SPACEMAN #1 is set for October with a $1.00 introductory price..."

After mine, and others' fear that the knives were out for Vertigo this is very good news indeed!

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