Wednesday, 10 August 2011


So you're in 40 degrees sun with hardly any web access blissfully unaware of events in the States or UK and you pop into the local supermarket and see the front pages of the Spanish newspapers. You what? Riots in London and elsewhere? Football matches cancelled, wtf?
OK it appears that morons have indulged in an orgy of summer fun but I do have a sense of disconnect watching events in my home town over the past few days. But, and I never thought I'd say this but hats off to Diane Abbott who told the BBC that 'cuts do not create criminality'. It is a message that I'm sure fellow travellers at the beeb and the labour party will heed...
As I have said before we are now seeing the effects of rights without responsibility. Uprisings in the middle east were because people couldn't afford to eat and not like here where idiots are jealous that they cannot have that flat screen hi-def tv that they want .
Gove has it right, these are Labour's children and I hoe they are proud of their offspring!

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