Wednesday, 30 September 2009


So you pop off to make the tea or whatever and you come back to the 'pooter to find your wife/partner/flatemate has taken control of the machine.

is there a term for that?

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  1. I`ve heard of "e.bangering" - commandeering someone else`s blog, the consequences of which should soon become all too apparent to a poor deluded sausage man. To politics, the low point of the week was that truly toe-curling introduction to Gordon Brown`s speech by his wife. Hard to imagine the late, great Sir Denis Thatcher introducing his wife in such a way - "She`s messy and noisy and we love each other to bits" etc etc - truly pass the sick-bag stuff - hope Samantha Cameron will have the sense not to follow suit next week and bring some dignity back to these occasions.