Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Yep I haven't bothered to cover the party conferences as there are better things to do then watch a rotten corpse heave itself up for one more go (actually I am still not convinced that Cameron has sealed the deal yet) but one thing that threw me was this "Gulags for Slags".

I'm sorry, did I miss the Labour Party turn into some Victorian virtue society? Or as Guido points out, the social conscience wing of the BNP. Now I agree that there is a problem with some single mothers - those feckless women that you see dragging their hoards of differential paternity asbos-in-waiting brood around while milking the system and making lives hell for others - but others are just caught in circumstances.

Now I agree that there is a problem with society, self-responsibility etc but who caused this?

Hmmm, this political party promised that the state would support all these people and that the state knew best.

Indeed this party has managed to destroy society, community, the private arena to such a great extent that thugs can cause a mother to commit suicide with her disabled daughter while neighbours grass two working mothers, hell policewomen even, for supporting each other by looking after each other's kids.

I know who should be insitutionalised and it isn't most of the teenage mothers.

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