Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Oops, looks like the energy plan of NuLab has screwed up and we are looking at power outs by 2020.

It is so bloody annoying that people think that we can be saved by alternative energies - we can't.

With current technologies there is only one "alternative" technology that works and that's nuclear. It is the dichotomy that hits greens. Instinctively they hate nuclear but there is no other reliable fuel source.

I am a sceptic to man-made climate change, I don't think we're helping but I also think that there is a natural process at work here and there is not that much we can do except prepare. What I am a supporter of is the resources argument.

Food, water, energy, we are getting to a stage where the pressures on these will lead to riots and even wars. We have to find more efficient ways of using and producing these resources and unfortunately for the greens, unless we finally get Nuclear Fusion, fission is the energy answer.

Sorry greens, now where did I put that gramaphone?

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