Friday, 22 January 2010


The BBC did its best yesterday reminding people how evil Tories are with the Jeremey Vine show debating what was worse, Thatcher's '81 recession vs Brown's 2009-? recession.

And it really annoys me.

If the polls are right then I would expect the Conservatives to really go for the Beeb since it seems to be on a self-destruct course.

The thing is I am a massive fan of the BBC. If you have seen US tv, until the likes of HBO came along and forced channels to raise their game, it was crap.

We got the cream of US tv, people seem to forget for every Hill Street Blues and Cheers,we also got Who's the Boss. It was part of a package - ITV, Ch4 and BBC had to take rubbish which was syphoned to a dead-end as well as the quality programmes.

The BBC has it's problems like any public organisation.

What is the percentage of managers, diversity officers etc, compared to the creators - you know the people who are meant to be there - same with health, education etc.

Sack all those people and get the Beeb back to being (to use a sickening phrase) the "people's broadcaster"

It is a jewel that is frantically trying to kill itself and it's a shame

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