Tuesday, 19 January 2010


So a cardio-surgeon want to cut the use of butter does he?

Other better bloggers have posted on this but there seems to be an abiding problem with healthcare at the moment.

Thanks to playing rugby I have a re-occuring knee problem which occasionally results in having to use a walking stick.

Why don't I go to my GP? I hear you ask.

Well the last time I went to the GP, I was worried I had a chest infection as both my wife and child were suffering from one. That month was particularly busy and I could not take anytime off so thought pre-emption would be the best avenue.

What I got instead was a typical tick-box appointment. Eventually the GP did listen to my chest but only because I said I smoked. Indeed she was bitterly disappointed that I had a clear chest and good lungs - hey what can i say, I've got efficient lungs, be pleased Doc.

She also wanted me to go for a blood test at a hospital - scuse me? What's that got to do with what I came in for? Ah yes, money for referrals. Ridiculous.

You are a doctor, I come in about a chest infection, see if there's an issue then treat the problem, don't start tick-boxing so you can generate more income for the practice. Oh, and while we're at it, do on-call - I have to in my profession, others have to in their's, why can't you?

Hell, when my dad was a GP, they didn't have mobiles. As a result, after seeing a patient after-hours, he would have to drive home to see if there were any other patients to see and then go out again - and that was for a lot less money then some of you 9-5ers are getting nowadays!

Quote of the day:
When will you doctors come to terms with the fact that in your line of work you're going encounter an unusually large number of sick people?

The Devil

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