Thursday, 14 January 2010


Sigh, so the Tories are going to war against high volume alcohol. As others have blogged extensively about this, I won't but I will say one thing -

Exactly how does a nanny-state confer responsibility to the individual? If someone wants to go out and get bladdered that is their choice as long as it's legal surely?

I am having a hard time reconciling the ideals spouted by Cameroon with what is actually coming out from his party.

I want a party of smaller, more efficient state. I want a party that will treat adults as adults. I want a party that will let me as an adult make my own decisions for myself and my family and I want a party that allows for upward mobility and chances and not one that drags every one down into a serfdom, tucking its forelock to those that "know better".

The only thing I can see about voting for Dave at the moment is that he is not the disaster zone that is Brown.

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