Tuesday, 23 March 2010

DOCTOR WHO - spoilerish

Yeah, I know but it's only a week and a bit away!!

Want to see the new console - those enterprising people over at Gallifrey Base has grabbed a high-def grab of the console

Look away now if you don't want to know the results...

I mean it, look away

Go on

OK here we go

I like it but others are saying that it will probably only last one season as it caused practicality problems while filming. And other's are saying that it is the Blue Peter competition winner.

Shame, I like the idea of a big console room, like Paul McGann's...

Update: Yeah, it's real if the Guardian is anything to go by

At the centre is a console now made up of bric-a-brac – a typewriter, a 1980s touchphone, a gramophone speaker, a petrol pump, taps, dials and pistons all surround a central "time rotor" made of blown glass.

Moffat explained the clash of ancient and modern by explaining that, because it is a time machine, "there is no such thing as modern to the Tardis" and that it complements the 11th Doctor in being "elegant but kind of a mess".

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