Friday, 19 March 2010


Surveys are fascinating things, no really they are.

I took part in one recently which was so far in ASH's court it may as well have been labelled with the anti-smokers' logo.

It was the push questions that amused me such as-

Do you agree that:

Smoking should be banned in all cars

Smoking should be banned where an under-18 is present

Smoking should be banned when there are passengers

(I am not quoting verbatim btw.)

Basically are you nasty enough to smoke when anyone is present in a car you fiend.

Weeeelllll, it's a bit of a "When did you last beat your wife" type question really.

If there had been a question that asked: Do you think there has been enough pointless, intrusive laws in the last few years and that a free society should be open to choice and have the freedom to choose? Then I would have been happier ;)

Still, nice to know what line of attack Ash is planning next!

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  1. Yes, but it's all for a good cause you must realize. We here at ASH are firmly committed to making certain the government follows all guidelines for banning smoking that we offer up as evidence as per what government has in fact nearly fully funded us to perform in the first place. That way the source and blame for later on, should people rebel, can be pinpointed on us and take the heat off the political class, which can reassemble itself under new guise, dust itself off and start all over again.