Monday, 22 March 2010


I was amused to see this in the Standard on Friday -

Nightclub entrepreneurs Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling are soon to launch Maggie’s, a new Eighties-inspired club in Chelsea, in honour of Lady Thatcher... Lucky club-goers will hear famous speeches from the Iron Lady playing in the loos. Thatcher memorabilia will vie for space on the walls, along with such paraphernalia as A Team action men and A-ha platinum discs. Timmy Mallet, John McEnroe and Bananarama will be depicted in a giant mural.

Gilkes, who is also behind the clubs Barts and Kitts, explains: “Duncan and I love the general style and music of the Eighties but have always found Eighties nights to be cheesy and naff. We wanted to create somewhere which totally encapsulates the period, from its history to its music, drinks and style, where people can relive or indeed live this amazing decade for the first time. We want to open a nightclub that transcends politics but it will be open in time for the general election.”

Pic ht: Tory diary

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