Friday, 7 May 2010


so near yet...

As this election limps to a close it is now clear that we are in Hung Parliament territory.

A few thoughts

1) The BBC this morning has completely ditched any pretence to neutrality. I have had to turn over to another channel because the open sneering at the Tories would lead to me getting a new telly - I wonder if by breaching its Charter this means that everyone can refuse to pay their licence fee?

2) How depressing is it that despite everything there were still enough idiots (29%) to vote for Labour? Client state in action.

3) The Tories should stand firm against Lib Dem demands. It has become clear that the "third" way is not acceptable to the UK electorate.

4) How on earth did Zac Goldsmith win?

5) How on earth did Sadiq Khan keep Tooting?

6) Why can't potential voters tell the time? The poll is open from 7 in the morning to 10 at night, if you can't get there in time then are you sure you have the logical reasoning to vote?

7) So close! Ed Balls nearly went and scrapped in with 1,000 majority

8) Tom Harris and Douglas Carswell comfortably in yay!

9) The markets are going to be fun for the next few weeks and keep an eye on the credit rating agencies.

10) I think there should be an in-depth investigation into postal voting - in some areas, the stench is powerful.

oh and

11)There will be another election within six months - God help us ;)

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