Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Well none from the Labour Party.

Oh yeah, sure they are now saying that they should have listened when over a million people marched on Westminster in protest at the Iraq war and they should have listened as the BNP gained council seats on the issue of immigration but on the main subject of economy, by God have they not learnt.

After listening to Harriet witter on in the House you'd of thought that maybe Labour would have finally grasped the concept of intelligent spending...obviously not.

You may have noticed that Harriet had a few jokes for once, why?

Well she has appointed comedienne Ayesha Hazirika as Director of Communications of the Labour Party and Deputy Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Opposition for a bargain price of £55,000.

Yup, money that is well spent...

Now I like Ayesha, having known her from her days as a DTI press officer but c'mon surely there are better ways of spending £55k?

Oh and I suppose I should mention that she was appointed Harriet's SPAD in 2007 as well, not that it's related in any way whatsoever.

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