Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Not sure- apparently David Laws is very aligned with Michael Gove about education but the most attractive policy of the Tories will probably fade away.

I still think this is a trap by Mandy, what Dave should do is get the Treasury to give him full figures of the mess then go to the country and say "this is the bill, I need a full mandate to deal with what the country has inherited from the last government". Unfortunately I can't see Dave having the balls for that.

If the Clamergoon alliance is going to work then I immediately want to see two things - 1) The immediate repeal of the Civil Contingency Act and
2) Immediate order to the Civil Service that any dictats from the EU will be interpreted in the national interest rather than gold plated. When it comes to DEFRA, the order should be: you protect our food sources or you're fired!

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