Tuesday, 5 October 2010


It's always good fun looking at a train wreck happening.

Everyone knows about the 10:10 camtpaign film, written by Richard Curtis.

You know, the one where it's OK to blow up children who disagree with climate change, the one that my sprog will not be allowed to watch because, quite frankly, she would have nightmares.

Well, not only did 10:10 apologise, but have now apologised to its sponsors:
As you may have heard, last week, 10:10 made a mistake by releasing a short film about cutting carbon which was supposed to be humourous but in the event upset a lot of people. We quickly realised that we had made a serious mistake and took it down from our website within hours.

We also issued a statement apologising but there has subsequently been quite a lot of negative comment, particularly on blogs, and understandable concern from others working hard to build support for action on climate change.

We are also sorry to our corporate sponsors, delivery partners and board members, who have been implicated in this situation despite having no involvement in the film’s production or release

I am very sorry for our mistake and want to reassure you that we will do everything in our power to ensure it does not happen again.

10:10 is a young and creative team but we will learn lessons from this. We are going to investigate what happened, review our processes and procedures, and share the results with our partners. Responsibility for this process is being taken by the 10:10 board of directors.

This media coverage for this film was not the kind of publicity we wanted for the cause of saving the climate, nor for 10:10, and we certainly didn’t mean to do anything to distract from all the efforts of those in other organisations who are working so hard to secure effective action on climate change.

If you have been in touch with us personally about the film, we will be replying to individual emails over the next few days. I’m sorry not to have emailed you about this more quickly - although I have followed developments closely, I’ve been working from home with a four-week-old baby. I thank you for your patience and your support for the 10:10 campaign.

Eugenie Harvey

Director 10:10 UK

I presume this has nothing at all to do with Sony disassociating itself from this disgusting film:
Thank you for your email concerning the video released by the 10:10 climate change campaign group. Sony has supported the 10:10 climate change campaign because we share its objective to reduce carbon emissions. However, we strongly condemn the "No Pressure" video, which was conceived, produced and released by 10:10 entirely without the knowledge or involvement of Sony.

The company considers the video to be ill-conceived and tasteless. We also believe this video risks undermining the work of the many thousands of members of the public, schools and universities, local authorities and many businesses, of which Sony is one, who support the long-term aims of the 10:10 movement and who are actively working towards the reduction of carbon emissions.

As a result we have taken the decision to disassociate ourselves from 10:10 at this time.


  1. Too late for apologies I'm afraid, this will never go back in the box!. But what a fitting testamony to their true 'agenda' from the Watermellons!!!!!
    This video was destined for the classroom with the approval of all those sponsors including our Government.
    Anyone still think we shouldn't be worried?????

  2. Eugenie as you have a young child yourself that makes your involvement even more appaling, god knows whats going through your heads.
    As for saving the Climate what the hell does that mean, my message to you is get a life and stop interfering with mine

  3. @ Anon

    Totally agree, the backtracking is hilarious. It's what happens when the Hoxton massif get a "fantastic" idea!

    @ Misty
    Good call, what was going through their heads?