Wednesday, 6 October 2010


No, not the Cameloons, homelessness.

Now I now a few out there sneer at the idea of homelessness but it is a real problem. People get stuck in a spiral, be it debt, drugs, alcohol, and find themselves on the streets, lost, bewildered, not knowing how to get out.

Some falter, some manage to haul themselves out.

It can happen to anyone, me, you - yes you, you may think "nonsense!" but all it takes is a job loss, money problems, eviction, you could very quickly enter the spriral, become under pressure.

Look at this great video then think about helping out. If you don't have money, acknowledge the beggar or Big Issue seller, make eye contact when you say sorry. Knowing people still see them as human beings is as much of a help as a cigarette or a bit of spare change.

Ht: The bish

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