Thursday, 7 October 2010


WIth all the fuss over blowing kids' heads off, I did have a question for eco-loons -

To those in Greenpeace who use dinghies*

To those in their Prius

To those who go to eco-conferences

To those who attack "climate change deniers" online

To those who read the Guardian

To those that make 'humerous' films blowing up children

Where exactly do you think the energy that you are using comes from? Pixie Dust?
I mean come on. Even your precious windmills need the National Grid to keep themseves going let alone the air miles alone just to create a Prius and the eco-damage Prius make through nickle mining.

Seriously, you guys lecture, hector, and offend people in your insistence that we all go green yet the damage you yourselves do seem to be blithely ignored by you.

Hypocrites. I've said before that if climate is changing, it is probably a natural cycle and we should be preparing our adaption to the environment because there is sod all that we can do to halt a natural cycle.

Sustainability is a worthy goal. We need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels because not only are they probably finite - therefore will become more expensive - but also because the countries where we get our fuel are not necessarily the most stable places in the world and it would be stupid to end up being hostage to events.

Food and water will become increasing factors to global instability as the human population grows, in certain areas there will be wars over this. With war and/or famine comes migration and by God I suspect we are pretty full right now and already we need to consider how to feed our population if these events occur.

So sustainability in both power, water and food should be a desirable goal, not because of some pseudo-marxist crap but because it may become a necessity.

In the meantime, if you eco-loons hate us all so much, lay off our pixie dust eh?

*In case anyone is confused about the dinghy one - most Ribbed craft (the ones Greenpeace love whizzing around oil rigs on)are mainly made out of Hypalon, neoprene or PVC. Rigid dinghies are usually made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic. All of which are based on, er, oil!


  1. Don't see any oars or sails on that greenpeace ship either!

  2. I don't know, it would be quite amusing watching them try and keep up with using just oars. Actually, they may finally understand the principles of wind power if they are sitting in the middle of an ocean waiting for a lull to abate!