Thursday, 13 August 2009


So the Tories' past master at foot in mouth is at it again, saying that the poor MPs are on rationing and treated like shits.

However, one thing that has been missed and that Duncan has got spot on is the "nationalisation" of MPs.

Now since the party system was formalised there have always been lobby-fodder but now we are really running the risk of a lack of individuals in parliament.

With the blatent politicking of the Labour party in banning/ declaration of secondary jobs and the party lists of the Conservatives, our representatives will be even more encumbent on the party first, constituents second.

Parliament needs individuals, mavericks if you will. Good government demands that it comes to the House to argue for the rationale behind policy rather than pushing its employees through the aye lobby. Good politics demands more MPs such as Frank Field and David Davis not less.

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