Friday, 7 August 2009


So I get back from holiday and my local is up in arms over CCTV.

Those black globes from the Death Star have popped up all over the pub as part of its licence renewal. Merton Council has insisted on security cameras in the pub and some of the calmest people in the world have now had a nasty shock about how much of a surveillance society we are now in.

Coupled with the smoking ban and id cards these people are now wondering how we can stop this.

So there's a lesson for the Righteous, if you had left pubs alone you may have got away with it but if guys like these are starting to get riled, what about those out there who may decide on, how shall I put it, more direct action than angry tirades about petitions?

; )


  1. Could this be the same pub where after being head-butted and punched in an unprovoked attack last month, a man was left to stand in a corner dripping in blood, as his attacker ( a regular ! ) was allowed to finish his drink ?
    Another regular, Wimbledon Councillor David Dean said he was "utterly outraged" and he would be talking to the owner, the Police and Merton`s licensing committee. He said "It`s simply unacceptable that something like this can happen - there has to be a sea change amogst publicans in the area." Having had personal experience of this pub`s failure to act on unruly drinkers, as regards insisting upon security cameras in the pub, I`m sorry to say that Merton Council may have a point.

  2. As a PS to the above - the headline in today`s "Evening Standard" says it all - MACHETE MURDER IN A PUB GARDEN - THREE HELD AS SUNNY AUGUST EVENING TURNS TO HORROR - this incident occurred in Sutton but one of the three arrests was made in Wimbledon - a bit close to home. Of the afore-mentioned incident concerning the Wimbledon pub, the brewery in question have described it as "relatively minor" notwithstanding the fact that the victim spent the night in St.Georges Hospital, Tooting. A few weeks ago I witnessed his attacker verbally assault a young lady in language which I would not repeat here. The brewery reassures us that he has NOW been banned - he should have been banned then. It will be interesting to see how Councillor Dean fares in the banning stakes - perhaps he should move from one side of the bar to the other, however were he to make this move, being a CONSERVATIVE councillor, I would suggest that the Public Relations guys at the Brewery prepare themselves for more adverse press coverage.