Tuesday, 4 August 2009


So I'm back.

While I've been away we've had twat-gate, lobbygate (or rather the start of Guido's new campaign against lobbyists.) gategate (OK I made that one up) but the one thing that I've noticed is that every bugger seems to have swine flu.


Two bar staff in my local are taking Tamiflu, friends of my daughter have it, a mate has got it.

Or have they?

I cannot shake the feeling that Tamiflu is being dolled out for the hell of it.

Cmon people it's a flu. More people die in Winter from flu then have so far. From what I understand about Tamiflu, fit (ish) people should steer clear of it unless it's absolutely necessary. It, like other anti-viral potions, should only be taken by the young, old and infirm.

It's a flu people. Plenty of rest, fluids, paracetemol and more rest. Your bodies are designed to fight these things naturally. When this comes around again, which it will, having taken tamiflu, your body will be useless in fighting it so you will have to take another variation and so the cycle continues.

Anti-virals should only be a last resort and not taken like candy.


  1. I heard a dirty rumour.. that the UK govt stock of tamiflu is about to pass its sell-by date so is being handed out like sweeties.. hopefully that is wrong tho...

  2. Hmm.. also worth a mention is that the telephone diagnosis of swine flu in a small child might stop a parent taking a child to hospital with meningitis, as the initial symptoms are similar.. and lots of other things present like that too..