Monday, 10 August 2009


Well judging from some of the questions on a trivia machine maybe not but that's probably because some of the questions were, well, weird. When I was ten abstract thought wasn't a pre-requisite and I guess I had more than 30 seconds to work out a question let alone an answer.

Still got a bit of money out of the machine and some amusement from one question.

It seems the National Curriculum has decided that the government's transport policy is shite -

If you live in the remotest village in the UK, what would be the best form of transport to get to the nearest town?

a) Rail
b) Bus
c) Car
d) Plane

Correct answer c) Car

Now leaving aside that I always thought the most remote village is probably in the Orkneys so a plane would be a good bet, I am amused that car is the right answer.

Hey kids if you live in a remote area don't rely on public transport and ignore our green policy, use a car!

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