Friday, 25 June 2010


As with all departments there is going to be a lot of tension in the MoD over cuts to its budget.

What worries me though is that despite promises otherwise it will be the frontline that will bear the brunt as always.

The MoD has a history of cocking up and protecting the suits in Whitehall rather than those whose job is the physical defence of this nation.

To get the cuts, all desk pilots will have to be reviewed - is there a reason why they are there? If not, out you go.

Secondly, start buying off-the-shelf rather than costly "projects". If a UK firm is good enough then they will compete. Military industry is one of our major exports after all.

Thirdly, those projects already on the go - the Eurofighter, Aircraft carriers etc. Enforce non-closure penalties if there are actually any. If not, warn the manufacturers that you consider it a breach of contract if the projects go further over budget/over-time.

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