Monday, 21 June 2010


Well sport in general really.

It's Wimbledon time again and the papers will be full of rubbish about how the Scot could win.

Nah, he won't. he can't. He's part of that spoilt, over-paid, breed that is tipified by the English football team.

This breed thinks itself apart from its support-group, the fans. They are overpaid, underacheive and have a go at those who spend thousands, travelling in hope that this time the team/player will actually have the nerve to go for it and win.

Take Rugby. It used to be the most honest sport ever but for over a year we have had the manager who use to encapsulate all that we thought good in Rugby, spouting rubbish about taking the right steps, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah they won at the weekend but it doesn't hide the innate problem, which is in all sport.

As England/british supporters, all we want is to see a team give its all. If it loses then as gutting it maybe, at least the team/player, gave everything to the cause.

Not as we have seen in the last couple of weeks, two national teams who gave nothing but incompetence and a lackluster display.

That Mr Rooney is why they booed you. If you were beaten after busting a gut then fair enough. To gift Algeria a point when they should have been given a battering, is why!

Oh and while I'm at it - any chance of the papers apologising to Rob Green? Yeah he made an error but as my football-hating wife put it:

"So they are having a go at a goalkeeper for making a mistake. Why aren't they have a go at the team for failing to score more goals than America?"


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