Thursday, 3 June 2010


Whitehaven - I don't know what made him do it, I don't know how the townfolk must be feeling today but I do know one thing-


After Dunblane there was a knee-jerk reaction, as a result gun crime has actually gone up - people who want to use a gun, will find one, last report was a Russian handgun at around £40 a pop.

After Dunblane there was a refusal to accept that the laws that were already in place had simply failed to have been deployed, Dumblaine should not have happened. It wasn't about gun clubs and ownership, it was about the local sheriff and police failing to respond to reported concerns about Thomas Hamilton.

This is the perfect opportunity for the Government to start treating us like adults. In relative terms, this sort of thing is fairly rare in this country thank God. Accept this has happened and please think logically and try not to introduce any more ridiculous laws that only punish the innocent.

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