Sunday, 10 July 2011


Speaking of journalism. Back in the day, there was a brilliant look at a future world where information is key to control - Transmetropolitan.

Written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Darick Robertson, this cutting satire saw Spider Jerusalem and his filthy assistants take on the City and in particular, the Smiler, a not too distant relative of Tony Blair.

As someone who was starting out in journalism and a politics graduate, TransMet had a relevance for me and I avidly read the story and it, and its characters have always had a special place in my heart.

Apart from the near impossibility of getting the original "Give me Information" page which illustrated the previous post (inker Rodney Ramos gave me crisp copy of it years ago), I have now got a wonderful piece by Darick.

Darick Robertson was in London yesterday - taking in the "joys" of sunny Slough where he was placed by the organisers of the London Film and Comicon.

Darick also told me that he is working on a story featuring a post-apocalypse London so he was also going to be taking loads of reference picture - I suggested South London as it wouldn't need to much "updating"!

The pic:

I am a happy bunny this morning.

BTW - someone want to tell me why I'm getting visitors from a Russian porn site?

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