Tuesday, 5 July 2011


According to Guido, the wife of Glenn Mulcaire, the phone hacker at the centre of the phone tap scandal has asked for the press to respect her privacy.

And I have a large degree of sympathy for her and her family.

As ironic as it may be, what did she actually know about what her husband does day-in-day-out?

I have spent my career in the relatively boring world of finance - yes I have received tip-offs, leaked memos etc but at the end of the day nothing that would excite the world.

But what if I was on the general desk at the Sun or News of the World? I very much doubt I would tell my wife all that I was working on.

So yes, I do feel sympathy but I has to admit the irony of the story does make me go ahahhahhahhaaahahahaa!

Oh, and on Rebekah Brook - Either she knew what was going on, so she should be sacked, or, she didn't know what was going on in her patch so she should be sacked for incompetence.

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