Tuesday, 3 November 2009

comedic values pt 2

So not enough with Frankie Boyle resigning from Mock the Week, I hear a call for him to be banned from the BBC.

Listen, it's a comedy quiz. if taking the piss out of the Queen's vagina is OK according to the BBC Trust then surely taking the mick out of some swimmer is OK? Unless BBC Sport has paid taxpayers' money for her appearance of course. or is that too cynical?

If the BBC had some balls this would never had happened. Remember this happened because of one person, after a repeat...

That's right one person, 0.0004% of the average audience and as a result we have lost a very talented, close to the bone comedian, from the programme. And if the reports are real, well sorry Rebecca, but I am sure you have laughed at Frankie's comments about other celebs, just because you got a tax-aided medal doesn't exclude you from ridicule.

1 comment:

  1. I had respect for her as an athlete but her reaction to a little bit of juvenile name calling is absurd!
    I think the lady is believing her own Olympian hype..