Friday, 13 November 2009


Oh how they sneered when they managed to wrest the other party's lover into their arms. For 12 years, they canoodled, played footsie under the table, shared their dreams.

But all things come to an end and the jilted lover is now screaming and tearing his hair out, "How could they do this to me," he screams. "I thought I was the one."

Two things to note Mandy - 1) Petty revenge is beneath you. It was your party that removed the Ashes in the first place so that, er, Sky could hoover up the rights.
2) You spent 12 years in bed with Murdoch so it is pathetic that you are now running around trying to persuade people that Cameron has done a deal with Murdoch. I didn't see your party trying to chase up the billions of pounds that News International and Sky must surely owe the exchequer. I didn't see Blair objecting to being feted in Australia by Murdoch.

So like all tragic breakdowns in relationships, I think the best thing for you to do is take a deep breath and have a nice cup of tea.

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