Thursday, 5 November 2009


Well the inevitable happened with the Czechs finally signing up to the Lisbon Treaty.

The other inevitable thing was the decision of David Cameron to back down from a referendum.

The third inevitable thing was the tin-helmet brigade shrieking - and backed by their shrill-voiced paper, The Daily Mail - that Cameron has betrayed Britain.

How exactly? C'mon how? He isn't Prime Minister and he never said that there would be a referendum if the Treaty was ratified before the next election, only if it wasn't. Try learning to read Tin-Hatters.

The Treaty no longer exists - it is now law. Now I presume Cameron is acting honourably (for a politican, natch) and has consulted constitutional lawyers about the feasibility of the proposed checks and balances - and judging from the protocol-ignoring reaction of the French there seems to be some truth to this - so good for him for trying to make a bad decision better.

Finally, how must Labour laughing at all this.

Let me remind you again, Cameron didn't "betray" the nation by going back on a referendum...

He did


so did he

Oh him as well

The Conservatives were the only ones to keep honouring their manifesto commitment whilst the other two parties sold us down the swanny.

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