Monday, 23 November 2009


"From the 1960s until the 1990s, floods were a rarity in Britain."

Climate change to lash Britain with tropical storms: The Sunday Times, 22.11.09

Well when I was a kid the woods at the end of my road used to regularly get flooded...

Oh and there was this:
"The cool, wet summer of 1968 left the ground saturated. The weekend of 14 and 15th September was dominated by thunderstorms and torrential rain, with an astonishing 1,000 million tonnes of water falling on South-East England."

BTW in the 80s there was huge flood defences built on the Ember and the Mole's defences were completed last year.

OK not the disaster that happened at Cockermouth but less of the inaccuracies. Floods occur every year in the UK. Flood plains are being built on and water is not finding a way of escaping.

After a weekend of leaked emails, you'd think global warmists would think twice before blaming everything on their pet subject.

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