Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Nope, no electioneering going on here, Mandy said so.

The Queen's Speech was this morning and god it was bad. Here's the list of bills which won't get anywhere before the general election -

1. Fiscal Responsibility Bill - put into law promise to halve deficit

I like this one. How to stuff the Tories up before they're in government.
PMQs in 2013 - Labour MP: "The government has failed to halve the deficit and has broken the law.
Cameron: "YEs well, if you hadn't of broken the country then introduced this law then maybe we could have sorted it all out within four years."

Yep, burn the house down then make a law banning matches.

2.Financial Services and Business Bill - clamp down on bonuses for bankers taking too many risks

Here we go again. Is Labour embarking on a scorched earth policy? Who decides the risk? What right does a government have to interfer with the business of a privately-owned bank? Who the hell is going to be left in the City? Bet Frankfurt and Dubai won't see any such law.

3.The Flood and Water Management Bill - give councils powers to prevent floods

Ah yes councils are all powerful. Take a lesson from Canute will you. How does this tally with the new super-planning quango which will, I presume, allow further building on flood plains which creates the conditions for flooding...

4.Social Care Bill - neediest elderly to get home care

Blatent politicking. Labour accelerated the cost of elderly care, with private homes essentially becoming the property of local government, and this is to counteract the Tories' idea of giving £8,000 for elderly care.

5.Policing, Crime and Private Security Bill - DNA of more sex offenders added to database

More DNA. Actually, how come there are still sex offenders' DNA that isn't on the database? Oh, hang on, the government is busy compiling innocent people's DNA.

6.Energy Bill - give Ofgem more powers to act on behalf of customers over prices
Erm, what's the point of Ofgem if it doesn't act on behalf of customers already?

7. Bribery Bill - make it offence to bribe foreign officials and for business to fail to prevent bribery

Haven't we been here before?

8.Digital Economy Bill - set up fund to bring in universal broadband by 2012

Yep, definitely been here before

9. Cluster Munitions Prohibition Bill - ratify international ban on cluster bombs

eh? I thought after the blessed Diana had died that Britain had already done this? Oh hang on, there was a definition problem with British armanent sales and the use in places such as, oh, I don't know, Iraq. Oh and that the RAF had to wait for a replacement for them as well.

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