Saturday, 24 July 2010


Long-term 2000AD artist and comic legend Carlos Ezquerra has had a lung removed in a fight to beat cancer.

Carlos (the Squirrel) is a legend in UK comics. He originally started off on the likes of Battle, drawing the Rat Pack before he created the design of Judge Dredd. Yup, drokkin Dredd, the pads, helmet, city, that was him! Of course he was also the co-creator of Strontium Dog and drew the first cover of infamous Action #1!

Unfortunately Mike Mahon's tale was the first to be in print.

It was down to his art that I picked up the Stainless Steel Rat series and have followed his work down the years whether in UK press or in stateside books although, alas, I have never met him.

Anyway, consiga bien pronto Squirrel!!

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