Friday, 23 July 2010


Now this is interesting

Dizzy found the pic and has rightly pointed out that it doesn't look real.

Besides the point that the smoke is obviously behind the child's head and not in its face the smoke itself doesn't look real.

If you look at Piper's mouth and cheeks it is clear that she is inhaling, which means there shouldn't be that much smoke!

Well done the Mail

Such honesty and being the moral watchdog of our society becomes you

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  1. Using Photoshop it is extremely easy to place a cigarette in someone's hand and to add in smoke that looks extremely realistic.

    Over top of the original photo layer one places a new layer in which one puts the cigarette image and carefully moves it into size and place. Using the adjacent mask one masks out in black where the fingers should be wrapped around the cigarette to make it appear being held.

    On a new image layer above that, one takes varying shades of blacks, grays and whites and with the brush tool, using assorted irregular shapes and sizes, places some dabs of black, gray and white in random configurations around and above where the smoke would need to be.

    One then takes the top layer with the black, gray and white paint dabs and runs it through the gaussian filter, adjusting the fuzziness to the point where it entirely resembles the look of smoke.

    And it is a quite - extremely quite - realistic effect of appearing to be actual smoke, if done in that manner.

    I can testify to this - because I have done this myself on many a photograph - in exactly this manner.

    So adding smoke into a photo using Photoshop is extremely easy to do, though it does take some practice before one gets the nack for it.