Wednesday, 7 July 2010


The government has revealed that it spent nearly £100,000 on apps for mobile phones.

Seriously, £100,000 on four apps.

Here they are

* NHS Drinks Tracker £10,000
* NHS Quit Smoking £10,000
* Jobcentre Plus £32,775
* DVLA Masterclass £40,000

According to the Beeb, apparently these apps don't work with the iPhone 4.

Amusingly the Home Office turned down the FoI request on grounds of national security. What sort of apps does it have? An i-Spy app???

53,000 people apparently downloaded the Jobcentre Plus app, though as has been pointed out - how can people be on benefits if they can afford an iPhone?

Jeez, the expense and incompetence of departments - and they wonder why the private sector thinks it's about time the Civil Service is exposed to private practice?

Oh and lets remember that there is to be a review of all 820 government websites. 820?!?! The government spent£94m on website development and running costs and £32m on web staff in 2009 - 2010.

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