Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Deputy PM Nick Clegg has disclosed that it doesn't matter how many people want the repeal of the smoking ban it is not going to happen.

A twee little video shows him saying how wonderful all this consultation is but as far as the smoking ban is concerned it is a done deal.

So what exactly is the point of the consultation. With pubs closing at a ridiculous rate, vilification of smokers that have been forced onto the street, along comes a consultation that...isn't.

Like free speech, consultations on laws and freedoms should not be a pick n mix. Except that all a lot of people want is a room in a pub where they don't have to drown in rain or freeze in the cold, to be allowed to smoke on an open platform when, yet again, their train is delayed and to enjoy a product that is not only legal but also brings in a healthy net income to the government.

Otherwise don't bother with this sham.

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