Saturday, 24 July 2010


Karen Berger has confirmed that all "DC" Vertigo characters will be heading back to home to DC.


As I explained in a previous post Vertigo essentially was created to give DC's horror and...less mainstream shall we say... comic books a place to hang out away from the tighter controls of DC.

Orginally formed from seven books - Animal Man, Doom Patrol vol. 2, and Shade, the Changing Man vol. 2; the Black Orchid miniseries The Sandman vol. 2, and Hellblazer and The Saga of the Swamp Thing - its stated aim was to allow creativity and to allow comics to grow up.

Since 1993 it has encompassed thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, politics, horror and westerns to name a few.

And now the devoid-imaginations of DC wants their toys back.

F*** em


DC seems to be taking the same path as Marvel with multiple titles of the same core characters, non-event event books, depressing decompression and this fills me with dread.

Granted Doom Patrol and Animal Man have already gone back to DC Universe but they are probably a better fit over there, especially Animal Man whom, Grant Morrison's thrid-wall, decontruction heroics aside, didn't really fit in Vertigo that well while I never really got on with Doom Patrol tbh.

But now you are seeing Death with Lex Luthor?

And there are rumours abound that Swamp Thing will be in DC's latest bump to the Lantern franchise!

Sigh, just waiting for John Constantine to wear a nicotine patch, drink smoothies and when he whips off the trenchcoat we will hear him shout: "This is a job for Magus Man!"

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